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Meet the AM Surveying & Block Management Office Mascot: Poppy

Poppy the Cockapoo

Poppy joined the AM Surveying & Block Management team as our lovable and fluffy team mascot in August 2016, in conjunction with my joining the company as Receptionist at the same time, read more about that here.

Poppy the AM Surveying & Block Management team mascot, with owner and Receptionist Paris Mackintosh

Poppy is a lovable and bouncy Cockapoo who melts the hearts of most who meet her.

Bringing a bit of fun to the office, Poppy spends most of her time around reception keeping me company or looking out for opportunities to receive cuddles (and maybe the occasional treat!) from members of staff as they pass by on coffee & lunch breaks.

Poppy's best talents lay in making friends with clients on their visits to our office and providing a calming influence for colleagues when things can sometimes get a bit stressful in the world of Block Management and Building Surveying!

Poppy is very well behaved and her laid back temperament is suited to life at the office, perhaps with exception to when the postman arrives which is when things get a bit exciting (because he has doggy treats!).

Read more about Poppy via her bio and meet the full AM Surveying & Block Management team by visiting the Our People page of our website.


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