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AM's Charity Marathon: Matt & Ethan Take on London Marathon

Mo Farah recently announced his return to the London Marathon for 2022, on 2nd October 2022 he and more than 40,000 people will take to the London streets to run the gruelling 26.2 miles of London Marathon, including AM Surveying & Block Management!

AM is sending two colleagues to run the London Marathon as charity runner entries in support of the Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC). The IAC place children from all parts of the world needing homes into in loving families.

Matthew Mackintosh & Ethan Barraclough have accepted our charity challenge in 2022 to run the London Marathon and will be amongst the 40,000+ runners making strides to the finish line!

Lets see if Matt & Ethan can keep up with the four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah! 😜

Matt & Ethan in training for London Marathon
Matt & Ethan getting ready for London Marathon

MEET OUR RUNNERS: Who are the AM Surveying & Block Management Marathon Runners?

Name: Matthew Mackintosh

Role at AM: Director & Head of Block Management

Age: 30

Marathon Experience: First time runner.

Marathon Finish Time Goal: To finish in one piece and complete a marathon for the first time 🎖️

Training Regime: Running streets local to home by following the London Marathon Beginners Training Plan.

A few words from Matt:

"I'll be suiting up as a Marathon Runner and hitting pause on my duties as a Block Manager for the day. I look forward to completing the run and showing anyone can accomplish a great challenge with determination! Thanks for supporting our chosen charity."

Q: Are you nervous?

I haven't run a marathon before so I'm nervous about getting into the latter stages and how difficult it will be!

Q: How is training going?

It has its ups and downs! I recently run a half-marathon as part of the [London Marathon] Beginners Training Plan and managed to complete it in 2:15hrs. Just got to trust the training plan and hope on the day it pays off and gets me to the finish line.

Q: Why the London Marathon?

I feel like running a marathon is a good balance of difficulty vs achievability, hopefully, more so achievable than difficult buts we'll see!

Name: Ethan Barraclough

Role at AM: Junior Property Manager

Age: 19

Marathon Experience: London Marathon will be Ethan's second marathon.

Marathon Finish Time Goal: 4 hours & 30 mins🎖️

Training Regime: Completing 1-2 large runs (between 12-18km) per week with a smaller run (approx. 5km) in between to stop my body from stiffening.

A few words from Ethan:

"I cannot wait for this challenge; I'm going to give it my all. Thanks to the IAC and AMSBM for the opportunity, all of whom I'm sure I can make proud. Sir Mo Farah, watch this space!"

Q: Are you nervous?

I am not nervous about the marathon itself; I get a great deal of adrenaline which helps me throughout the race and is the main reason I am able to compete. I would say I am a little nervous about achieving my desired completion time though, as this is a half an hour quicker time than my previous marathon, so the pressure is certainly on to put in the work, and no doubt there will be similar nerves on race-day to do whatever I can to achieve this time.

Q: How is training going?

It could certainly be better, although my self-discipline has already increased massively since the 1-month mark until race day. I have heavily reduced my social activities for the next month to focus even more on training and have already carried out several runs this month as planned, no matter the time or weather.

Q: Why the London Marathon?

The London Marathon represents a new opportunity to do 2 things I am very passionate about: Raising money for great causes and pushing my physical and mental states to their absolute maximum! It is also a globally recognized event, which will make completion of such an achievement I will cherish for life.

WATCH: Matt talks London Marathon



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