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Watch the highlights! AM Discovery Day 2021 Team Building Day

Company Update, Team Building and Brand Values

AM Surveying & Block Management has experienced a period of steady and healthy growth over the past 12-18 months, onboarding new clients and bringing new talent into the company to maintain service levels.

Upon recently concluding a round of recruitment its never been a better time for AM's inaugural Discovery Day team building event and company update, bringing old and new members of AM together for an upbuilding and informative day of insights and activities led by Company Director Matthew Mackintosh. Maintaining a vibrant and healthy working culture among staff has always been important to the senior team at AM, with team building events featuring regularly on our calendar. Recent team activities prior to our AM Discovery Day have included our National Fitness Day event, annual Go Karting event and a Zoom Cocktails office party hosted during lockdown.

AM Discovery Day 2021 featured a presentation from company Director Matthew Mackintosh to all employees, bringing our team up to date on matters relating to the company's growth achievements and goals. Further, the day included team building games, Go Ape's Treetop Challenge, release of the AM Surveying & Block Management brand values and a mission statement workshop.

What are the AM Surveying & Block Management brand values?

AM Discovery Day 2021 included the release of the AM Surveying & Block Management brand values; five brand value-words underpinning all actions of our staff and service delivery to our block management clients. Our brand values reflect our core ideologies and drive decisions of our team. They act as a compass directing the tone and voice of our brand, our communications and content.

Every piece of work delivered by AM is expected to encapsulate and express our brand values, they are:

Collaborate: Recognising we cannot deliver client requirements without working together with inter-department colleagues, suppliers and others.

Reliable: We are hard working people that show up.

Development: We are constantly looking to improve, avoiding a sense of complacency and endeavouring to be better every day.

Precision: We know when to deliver laser focus when the job requires it.

Stewardship: We use our industry knowledge to bring value to our clients and guide them as necessary.

Company Director & Head of Block Management Matthew Mackintosh comments:

"Our AM Discovery Day was an excellent opportunity for team building and announcing the release of our brand values to our staff. Everyone in the company had a share in the day, it was a true success!".

Staff were placed into 5 teams with each team assuming the name of a brand value and a team member leading their respective team as captain. AM Discovery Day included a mission statement workshop, consisting of break out sessions for staff in their respective teams to craft a creative mission statement for the company to adopt using energy, inspiration and brand values from the day of team building and brand discovery.

AM Surveying & Block Management continue to seek to bring new talent into the company to fill a range of roles, available via our careers page.



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