AM Ambassador

Wanted! - Existing clients of AM to become AM Ambassadors to provide prospective new clients of AM a simple reference.

Many property owners seeking a professional Managing Agent reach out to

AM Surveying & Block Management.

Before selecting AM as their Agent, many prospective clients ask to receive feedback from our existing clients as part of their due diligence process by way of a short telephone or email reference.

We have created AM Ambassador to help with this demand and would love to invite you on board!


£50 M&S Voucher for every reference!

It's simple! Become an AM Ambassador and receive your £50 M&S voucher as our way of saying thank you for every reference!*

*Terms & conditions apply.


How it works -

1 Sign up as an AM Ambassador.


2 Occasionally speak to a prospective AM client for a short call or email reference.

3 Receive your £50 M&S voucher as a thank you in exchange for your time.

Easy sign up

Thank you for signing up as an AM Ambassador! We look forward to sending your first vouchers soon!