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Grenfell Tower Tragedy: How to Limit Threat of Fire

Health & Safety in Blocks of Flats

Fires within flats unfortunately occur more often than most would expect but are ordinarily contained within the ignition flat long enough to be extinguished, leaving the remainder of the block untouched by fire. Unfortunately in the extreme case of Grenfell Tower this did not happen, fire spread through the building at an unprecedented rate and it is not yet clear what caused such a disaster.

Grenfell Tower Blaze

Tower Block Blaze at Grenfell Tower in the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Until it is clear what allowed the fire to spread, this incident will be considered by most experts as an isolated incident that would have only been caused by a significant defect or design flaw and should not be considered normal circumstances.

Until such defect is identified by the investigating authorities, there is no way of knowing what building regulations or health & safety policies needs to change to prevent such a disaster happening again.

The sad truth is the risk of fire in a block of flats cannot be 100% eliminated, but take comfort in that they seldom end in such tragedy.

As responsible Block Managers we at AM Surveying & Block Management actively monitor changes in industry regulation and if new regulations are to be published, we shall be adopting and implementing such changes to our daily working practices as quickly as possible.

Reducing the Risk of Fire in Blocks of Flats

Although the risk of fire cannot be completely removed, it can be reduced and well managed. To keep our Block Management portfolio as safe as possible, ACTION is taken:

  • Regular site inspections carried out to ensure escape routes are not blocked and fire doors are not propped open.

  • Fire Risk Assessments are kept up to date and action plans managed.

  • Regular communications issued to residents concerning joint Management-Leaseholder health & safety obligations.

If you are concerned about how health and safety is managed in your block, contact us and find out how it can be improved by appointing AM Surveying & Block Management. Read more about how we manage Health & Safety matters in respect of our Block Management portfolio.

AM Surveying & Block Management


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