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Managing Agent to a Wide Spectrum of Property


Investment Landlords, Freeholders, Leaseholder Share of Freehold, RMC's and RTM's.


Leaseholders and Landlords seeking appointment of suitable Managing Agent due to restrictions on time, seeking expertise or in the interest of minimizing dispute which can arise from self-managing.


London Flats Block Management

Number of Units: 23 Residential Apartments

Location: London SE1

Client: Leaseholders Share of Freehold

Leaseholders appointed us as Managing Agent in 2009 following struggle with previous Agent. We have been proactively managing the building ever since. During our term as Managing Agent we have completed internal renovations, acted as intermediary in respect of several high value insurance claims one in excess of £300k and managed all day to day matters ever since.

London Flats Block Management

Acting as Managing Agent since early 2015 we have undertaken major external renovations, completed health, safety and fire risk assessments and brought the buildings inline with the same. Routine inspections are regularly carried out ensuring smooth management of the building on an ongoing basis.

Kent Flats Block Management

Number of units: 18 Residential Units

Location: Rochester, Kent

Client: Right to Manage Company

We obtained the Right to Manage on behalf of the Leaseholders of the building and have acted as Managing Agent since January 2016. Obtaining the Right to Manage involved an extensive 2 year battle with the Landlord which ended successfully for the Leaseholders. We now pro-actively manage the building with full support of the Leaseholders.

Kent flats Block Management

Number of Units: 35 Flats and 11 Houses

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Client: Residents Management Company

We have been Managing Agent at this prestigious residential development since 2012, assisting the RMC with minor and major works, enforcing Lease clauses ensuring the estate remains a high class development and generally managing day to day matters. As Managing Agent we retain regular contact with the RMC development, providing regular financial advice and reports to the Board of Directors.

Contact Us

If you would like more information relating to our services or advice relating to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Mackintosh MIRPM, AssocRICS on 01622 88 22 44 or email.


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