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Block Manager to Marathon Runner! - Road to Raising £5k!

London Marathon 2022 £5k Charity Challenge: AM Surveying & Block Management

Matthew Mackintosh & Ethan Barraclough road to raising £5k

Running shoes on, motivation playlist at the ready; training offically begins! Watch out, team AM are taking on the London Marathon in 2022! Head of Block Management & Company Director Matthew Mackintosh, along with Junior Property Manager Ethan Barraclough are braving the 26.2 mile dizzying distance pyhical and mental challenge of the TCS London Marathon 2022 in October.

WATCH: Matthew & Ethan head out for a training run and talk about entering the marathon.

Team AM will join 40,000+ participants running the London Marathon including many running for charity, personal achievement and those trying to break records among the elite champion runners! A common goal among charity runners is to complete the marathon in a sub 4-hour time with the average time being between 3:30 – 4:10 for men and 3:50 – 4:20 for women. We'll just be happy for Matthew & Ethan to complete the race, no matter the time!

Catch Matthew & Ethan pacing their way through the gruelling 26.2 mile run of London's streets on 2nd October 2022.

Company Director & Head of Block Management Matthew Mackintosh offered comment on accepting the marathon challenge:

"I often think of Block Management as a kind of marathon, a steady and consistant effort to bring a building's long term management goals to completion through careful prep and execution. Hopefully its taught me something about a real marathon! We are proud to represent the IAC [Intercountry Adoptive Centre] as our selected charity for our charity challenge. When they suggested joining their team of marathon runners we jumped at the chance! Check back later to find out if I remain equally as thrilled! 😂"

Matthew & Ethan are running the London Marathon for the Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC) with the HUGE target of fundraising £5,000! YOUR SUPPORT is essential to hit our target and every donatation is a step towards achievement.

Matthew & Ethan make up 2 runners out of a total 10 runners representing the IAC in the London Marathon for 2022, in their effort to a raise a grand total £25,000 accross all 10 runners.

Who are the IAC?

The IAC transforms the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children by bringing them together with families who can offer them a home. The IAC then support them all, for life, to make sure children can thrive and reach their full potential. As a lesser known charity within a niche sector, sadly there is little funding for this important work, so every penny fundraised for the IAC goes towards providing crucial, life-long support.

Each year the IAC receive over 2500 new enquiries, 1000 follow up enquiries and work with over 100 new families, supporting them through the process of navigating the path to parenthood and helping countless vulnerbale children from all over the world including the UK.

IAC turned 25 years old in March 2022 and has helped 1000s of children and families, find out more about the IAC and read sucess stories here.

Help us to change a child's life and really make a difference.

Matthew & Ethan getting into peak fittness!
Matthew & Ethan getting into peak fittness!

Team AM Surveying & Block Management are more acusomted to board meetings and video calls than 26.2 mile distance running, so why the London Marathon? I asked AM company Director Matthew for his take on accepting the challenge:

Matthew Mackintosh, Head of Block Management & Director

Q: Why the London marathon?


"I'm always up for a challenge. I don't consider myself a runner but I do my best to keep fit. All of us within the Block Management industry know it's very stressfull so I truly believe its especially important for mind and body to maintain a regular habit of excersise.

Much of our work at AM Surveying & Block Management is within/around London so running the London marathon is an exciting combination of mental & physical challenge within a city I enjoy being a part of.

Running the London Marathon is nothing like anything I've done so I'm excited to see if I can match the task! It would be an excellent achivement and I'm super excited to give it everything I have!"

Q: Have you ever run a marathon?


"Nope! This will be my first marathon. The longest distance I've run is 5k! Help!"

Q: How is training going?


"With about 3 months before the marathon, I'm on track. I'm trying to run 5k at least a couple of times a week before I head into the office. I've signed up for a half marathon in July so that will be a good yard-stick as to my progress and fittness levels. Taking it one day at a time."

Q: What finishing time are you hoping for?


"As it's my first marathon I'm not getting hung up on a finishing time, I'll just be glad to finish at all! But, if you HAD to push me for goal-time: lets say sub-5 hours.

I'm running the marathon with [Junior Property Manager] Ethan and he's run a marathon before. He wants to achieve sub 4:30. If I can keep up with Ethan I'd be even more thrilled!"

Q: How can we show support?


"I am running for the charity Intercountry Adoption Centre [IAC] and so one AWESOME way to support me is via a donation to help reach our goal of £5k!

The IAC help connect vulnerable children with families seeking a path to parenthood all over the world, I am honoured to have been asked to run for them and I am really excited to represent them in the London Marthon.

It's a massive target and so every donation is hugely supportive and helps us along the way and helps the work done by the IAC.

Any kind words of support are also very supportive and appreciated."

Good luck Matthew & Ethan, from all staff at AM Surveying & Block Management!

Catch Matthew & Ethan running the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022 and stay tuned for progress and completion results!

Can you support Matthew & Ethan on their road to raising £5k?

Help team AM achieve its road to raising £5k! Your donation matters!

Online donations are being collected via Enthuse, partnered and official fundraising platform to the TCS London Marathon. All online donations are routed directly to our selected charity via Enthuse: the Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC).

Donations help the IAC connect families and vulnerable children worldwide.

From Matthew, Ethan, the IAC & all of team AM: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.



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