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Zack Jermy: Apprentice of the Year 2020

Making Full Use of the Apprenticeship Scheme

Over the past 12 months AM Surveying & Block Management have placed 3 members of it's staff into apprenticeships within the Accounting and Property Management sectors providing members of our team a structured training program while on-the-job. Apprenticeships also provide a route into the professional services working environment, as back by UK Government, as an alternative to more traditional routes such as via University.

As of 2017 Government rolled out reforms to apprenticeship schemes designed to allow SME's such as AM Surveying & Block Management access to funded/partly funded training within a wide range of sectors including those relevant to Block Management and AM have sought to take full advantage of these facilities in the small way we can do so and since 2017 6 apprenticeship courses have either been completed or are in progress on the way to completion within the firm.

"The opportunity to become qualified while gaining real world work experience, and while earning a wage, is something I am very thankful for as it has helped me develop my skills and make a living all at the same time, I think it's an excellent scheme", says Lauren Jermy AATQB, Accounts Assistant within the Accounts department at AM Surveying & Block Management.

Celebrating Our Award Winning Apprentice; Zack Jermy AIRPM, CIHM

The 2020 Catch 22 Apprentice Awards ceremony was held 4th February 2020 and AM's Property Manager Zack Jermy secured top honours by securing the Level 3 Apprentice of the Year 2020 award and was presented with his trophy to recognise the achievement in front of a packed audience of apprenticeship partners, employers, fellow apprentices and their guests at the ceremony.

As AM's apprenticeship training provider, Catch 22 has supported nearly 400 apprentices across 80 companies over the past 12 months and considering such stiff competition we are particularly proud of Zack's achievement, a testament to his skills and dedication to his work, training and commitment to providing a professional service within the Block Management sector.

Commenting on his award Zack said: "Winning the award was very unexpected to say the least, but it is testament to the hard work on the part of myself and my employer and the support received from Catch 22".

Speaking at the awards, Chris Stoker-Jones, Director of Vocational Training at Catch22 said: “The benefits of apprenticeships are endless, from allowing companies to diversify and freshen up their workforces, to providing development opportunities for current staff. From adapting your apprenticeship training to the needs of your organisation, to the incentives for recruiting young people… and that is just the employer benefits.”

On behalf of all the team at AM Surveying & Block Management congratulations Zack on the fantastic achievement!



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