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Matt's BravetheShave Challenege COMPLETED!

COVID19 has impacted the world in ways we have never seen before and our hearts go out to all those negatively impacted by this deadly virus.

A short while ago I set out to complete the BravetheShave challenge, to shave my head and raise £1,000.00 in honour of hard working individuals from the NHS and other key workers striving to keep us safe, more on that here.

Please support the NHS and my BravetheShave challenge.

Day to day life in my work as a Block Management professional can certainly have it's challenges but perhaps not so surprisingly, shaving the hair on my head literally within an inch of it's life (2-3mm actually!😁) has never been one I've been required to tackle. Well, that was then!

With a certain amount of fear and trepidation but certainly with the desire to "do my bit!" I am pleased to say with the nervous help of my wife Paris and with our never-used clippers set to a grade 1, I have been able to complete my challenge and with that my head is the latest victim to BravetheShave!

Now sporting my new "do", as at the time of writing I am 60% to reaching my £1,000.00 target in funds for the NHS. I would be hugely delighted to reach my target in the near future, thank you so much for your support and donations to help me achieve this!

Stay safe, stay alert and let's beat this virus in the process and hopefully we can all visit our regular hairdressers in the nearest future! Or, perhaps you can BravetheShave yourself?

Our best wishes to all on the front line helping defeat COVID19. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Please support the NHS and my BravetheShave challenge.



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