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Stunning Luxury Mansion Appoints AM as Managing Agent

AM Surveying & Block Management appointed Managing Agent to impressive Grade II Listed Mansion

AM Surveying & Block Management are pleased to receive instruction to manage this stunning and truly unique 1870's Victorian Mansion and surrounding estate of which have been converted to luxury apartments in the year 2000.

Wyfold Court Mansion
Wyfold Court Mansion, built 1874-1884. Managed by AM Surveying & Block Management.

Wyfold Court Mansion is a Grade II listed heritage property in Oxfordshire built during the reign of Queen Victoria, for Edward Hermon, Conservative MP for Preston and business magnate. It was designed by architect George Somers Clarke, a pupil of Sir Charles Barry whom is the visionary architect responsible for designing the Houses of Parliament.

The building is constructed of scarlet-brick with blue-brick patterns and yellow stone details. The external structure includes towers, corner turrets, gargoyle stone ornaments, clock tower, mullioned bay windows and intricate stone detailing to provide a unique Gothic architecture rarely seen at other privately held residential property.

Internally, the communal corridors consist of rib-vaulted design (such as that of seen at the Houses of Parliament) with grand staircase and multi-story wide bay windows with stained glass of royal coats of arms bearing the names and reign dates of British Monarchs.

In 1932 the property was sold by it's private owners to the Government and converted for medical use as Borocourt Hospital, a mental health institute, and joined the National Health Service in 1948. The property was converted to luxury residential use in 2000 and since then property values have been known to exceed £2mil for an apartment.

Royal coat of arms stained glass including inscriptions of past British Monarchs and respective periods of reign, save for Queen Victoria where only a commencement date is shown.

AM Surveying & Block Management very much look forward to providing Estate & Block Management services to the Mansion in Oxforshire, paying special attention to the property's unique qualities that pose a particular challenge. In particular, maintenance of the building's roof with it's great expanse, including turrets, towers and delicate stonework will require more than the usual attention and particular expertise of our in-house Building Surveying team where they will need to collate and roll out carefully considered programmed maintenance plans.

In addition, managing the building's unique insurance demands and needs is another area requiring the laser focus of team AM in order to achieve accurate and favorable insurance terms; executing a Reinstatement Cost Assessment via our in-house Building Surveyors, carrying out maintenance checks via our tradespeople, coordinating installation of leak detection equipment and conducting resident and broker discussions to enable key issues to be sounded and decisions taken.

Commenting on AM's appointment, Director & Head of Block Management Matthew Mackintosh MIRPM, AssocRICS said: "Wyfold Court Mansion presents the unique challenges of a heritage property that I feel our modern approach, skills and systems are well placed to tackle enabling us to act as stewards of the Mansion on behalf of it's owners. It is a special property and one myself and our team very much look forward to working with."

All of our team at AM Surveying & Block Management look forward to providing our range of services via our Block Management and Building Surveying teams to the property owners at Wyfold Court Mansion, which is an excellent addition to our existing diverse property management portfolio.



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