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We've Made it Easy for Residents to Report Repairs

Release of Online Repair Reporting Tool

At AM Surveying & Block Management we consider the efficient handling of maintenance tasks to be a fundamental area of expertise for us as a Block Management firm and for this reason we are excited to announce the release of our new online Repair Reporting Tool making it easy for residents to report repairs to our Block Management department and enabling our Property Managers to even more effectively manage our clients buildings.

Repair System available on smartphone

As a property owner or renting tenant within a managed building you can now report any type of communal maintenance issue directly to your Property Manager 24/7 via and clicking "Report Repair". Using an image based diagnosis system with in-system guidance our Repair Reporting Tool is available via smartphone, tablet and desktop in 40+ languages.

Once reported, your Property Manager will progress your repair through the system by obtaining quotations, assigning a contractor and booking a job completion date. All approved contractors and service providers to AM Surveying & Block Management engage with our Block Management team directly from within the system in order to streamline repairs and for residents to receive real-time updates as the repair is progressed through to completion.

Real-Time Updates for Residents & Directors

For residents: Benefit from clear communication concerning the progress of your reported maintenance issues by using our online Repair Reporting Tool and access real-time updates direct to your device.

You will have visibility of; written communications from our Block Management team, the current status of your repair such as "waiting for quotation" or "job awarded to contractor" and job completion dates giving you complete transparency concerning your issue.

A summary of benefits for residents/owners:

  • Report repairs 24/7 on smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Clear communication.

  • Access to real-time updates to track issues.

  • Easy to use system with built-in guidance available in 40+ languages.

AM Surveying & Block Management repair Dashboard

For Directors: As a Director of a Residents Management Company you will receive all the benefits of our Repair Reporting Tool as available to residents and property owners PLUS the additional benefits of Director level access to our system; access to real-time tracking of ALL maintenance issues at your building. All issues either reported by a renting tenant, an owner or via our Property Manager during a routine site inspection will be visible to you via the Director's Dashboard giving you real-time visibility of current and completed tasks and the real-time status of each. In addition to this, you will have access to a full history of completed maintenance tasks at your building.

A summary of benefits for Resident Company Directors:

  • All the benefits of residents level access.

  • Real-time tracking of all active issues at your block.

  • Audit trail of all completed issues at your block.

Bespoke Planned Maintenance for your Block

Our Repair Reporting Tool also allows our Block Management team to prepare bespoke Works Plans covering periods from 12 months to 10 years designed for the purpose of scheduling all cyclical repairs and building such into a structured calendar system to help plan long and short term works, build a clear picture of a building's life-cycle requirements and plan/spread expenditures.

AM Surveying & Block Management Works Planner

Our Works Planners help give residents and Resident Company Directors complete transparency over the life cycle maintenance needs and legal compliance requirements for a building and help our Block Management team schedule such works accordingly. Items appearing on our Works Planners may include anything of a cyclical nature whether it be minor or major such as Risk Assessments, gully clearance, fire alarm maintenance and large scale works such as external redecorations or roof replacement. Each maintenance event is assigned a re-occurring frequency date allowing our Block Management team to commence work exactly at the correct time and to allow residents and Resident Company Director to track exactly when maintenance is expected.

Prepared in consultation with our clients & in-house Building Surveying department, our Works Planners are designed to ensure our client's needs are met with guidance from appropriately qualified in-house professionals, just one benefit of appointing AM Surveying & Block Management as Managing Agent for your block.

Access to our online Repair Reporting Tool for residents, owners and Resident Company Directors comes as standard as part of our Block Management package for all buildings managed by AM Surveying & Block Management.

To find out more do not hesitate to contact our team or to preview our Repair Reporting Tool Click Here.

AM Surveying & Block Management


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