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Recent Block Management Instructions

Recent Instructions at AM Surveying & Block Management

A particular area of expertise at AM Surveying & Block Management is management of property held on Long Leases, particularly residential.

Our client base range from Freehold Investors, Freehold Companies, Developers, Resident's Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies. Our Block Management portfolio is made up of an equally diverse range, below is a sample of clients and blocks whom have recently appointed the services of AM Surveying & Block Management as Managing Agent.

64 units in Barking, Greater London

Estate of Two Residential Blocks

Client: Investor Freeholder.

Units: 64 units, 32 flats & 32 garages.

This estate with two residential blocks and two garage blocks began management with AM Surveying & Block Management in March 2017.

Services include management of estate gardens, garage blocks, 2 residential passenger lifts, health & safety audit among all the other usual duties of the Managing Agent.

Further development on the site is scheduled for the next 12 months, where additional residential blocks will be constructed. Our services as Managing Agent include liaising with leaseholders throughout the planned development process.

Residential & Commercial Block in Watford, Hertfordshire

15 units Watford

Client: Leaseholders Share of Freehold Company.

Units: 15 units, 7 commercial & 8 residential.

AM Surveying & Block Management were appointed by the Leaseholders, whom each own a share of the Freehold, of this site in August 2016.

The site had previously been self managed by the leaseholders whom decided to appoint a Managing Agent after complications arising in day to day management, including failing to correctly insure the building. A backlog of maintenance had accrued at the site and leaseholders recognised AM Surveying & Block Management would be the suitable Managing Agent to get the building back on track.

Opera Anyone? Small Block in Covent Garden, London

4 units in Covent Garden, London

Client: Investor Freeholder

Units: 4 high value flats.

With property values at £1mil per flat and right next door to the English National Opera, this small block of 4 properties in Covent Garden, London commenced management with AM Surveying & Block Management in early 2017.

As would be expected of a site in such a central location, leaseholders of this block require a high level Block Management service with attention to detail.

Did you know? All properties managed by AMSBM benefit from access to our online block portal service, providing property owners secure online access to statements, documents and our Issue Tracking service. Find out more about our Online Portal Service.

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