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Overcoming the Challenges of Covid 19: Can’t work from home? No problem…

Aaron Raymond is our multi-skilled on-site operative and an essential part of our on-site team.

Aaron Raymond, Multi-Trade Operative

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has presented a particular challenge for Aaron, as while he remains fit and well, his household contains a potentially vulnerable individual. The work he does cleaning and maintaining the buildings managed by AM Surveying is absolutely necessary, but he didn’t want to go home each night and risk infecting his family.

The solution? The company has put Aaron up in an Air BnB near his home. That way he can continue his essential work without the significant risk going to his family home each night would have posed.

During his working day the residents of the buildings he’s encountered have been very appreciative of the fact that he’s still coming out to do what’s needed – whilst adhering to the 2-metre social distancing rule of course. Aaron tells us, “There’s less traffic too, which makes getting around London much easier and less stressful.”

Aaron's cosy new temporary accommodation

Aaron is very comfortable in his new digs, but had had to adjust to life on his own. However he describes the overall experience as being very positive. “I’ve had a non-stop stream of messages of support and congratulation from friends and family”, he says. Congratulations? Yes. Just before going into his new “lockdown” apartment, Aaron proposed to his girlfriend.

All of us at AM Surveying wish Aaron the very best for the future, and of course thank him for going above and beyond in these difficult times.

On site operatives from AM Surveying & Block Management
Our on-site team: Dave, Aaron, Ryan and Jordan.

May we take the opportunity to wish all in our community the best of care, stay safe and don't forget to wash those hands!



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