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Accounts Automation Webinar ft AM Director Matthew Mackintosh

As from 1st January 2021 AM Surveying & Block Management adopted accounts-payable automation software provided by Glantus, to bring a host of benefits, boosting efficiency across our Accounts department and taking a paper-work heavy process entirely online.

The Challenge Pre-Glantus

Hundreds of approved service providers are posting (by snail-mail) or emailing their invoices to AM each and every day, resulting in thousands of invoices requiring manual handling on behalf of our clients each year. Each invoice then requires filing and storage.

Recent increases in demand for services from AM Surveying & Block Management have resulted in expansion of our Block Management portfolio further causing potential for a pinch-point in manual handling of hard-copy invoices and the resulting filing of such. These processes were time-consuming, were not environmentally friendly and tookup much space with the need to store all invoices for many years.

Our mandate became clear, we needed to:

- To go paperless in respect of our invoice approvals and handling processes, taking the approvals process online.

- Reduce our environmental impact.

- Provide an online document storage facility, saving space.

- To improve efficiency, allowing processes to be upscaled without sacrificing service-levels.

- To enable remote working for a sustainable home-working inclusive future.

- To onboard a solution that integrated alongside our existing software eco-system.

Matthew Mackintosh Glantus
Matthew Mackintosh has been impressed by the solution provided by Glantus

Solution Provided by Glantus

Glantus' accounts payable software package; AP Automation, ticked all the boxes for AM:

  • Automated invoice and invoice-data capture, entirely online.

  • Totally paperless; online invoice handling and multi-departmental invoice approvals functions.

  • Tailored design to sit within AM's existing Block Management software ecosystem.

  • Digital storage of archived invoices.

  • A range of useful data analytics to boost efficiencies.

  • Enables remote workers, such as our Property Managers and accounts teams working from home, to access, review and approve invoices for payment, processing and storage.

  • Reduces our environmental impact.

Join our webinar to find out how Glantus can help achieve your accounts payable process aspirations.



Date: Friday 25th June 2021 Time: 10:30 - 11:30 (GMT)


  • Matthew Mackintosh, MD at AM Surveying and Block Management

  • Georgina Browne, Director of Finance, Winters Property Management

  • David Baker, Head of IT at ClwydAlyn Housing

Learn how the Property Management and Housing industries are transforming their finance operation through Automation.

Accounts Payable in Property Management and Housing is typically very manual. Some of the challenges as mentioned above include:

  • The combination of manual processes, spreadsheets and legacy systems are not fit for purpose.

  • Repetitive tasks use vital resources and make the AP process a cumbersome undertaking.

  • Matching invoices to the correct property and GL codes.

  • Many specialist housing and property management software in the respective industries may not have specialist automation capability built-in as standard.

  • Past experiences of long-drawn-out implementation processes.

As things get back to normal in 2021 and organisations look towards a renewed growth strategy, Glantus customers in the property and housing sectors demand a low risk and cost-effective solution to an ever-present issue in their organisation.

Join us on the 25th June to hear from some of the leading experts in their respective fields:

  • Matthew Mackintosh, MD at AM Surveying and Block Management

  • Georgina Browne, Director of Finance, Winters Property Management

  • David Baker, Head of IT at ClwydAlyn Housing



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