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  • Are you responsible for arranging building's insurance?

  • Ensure your building is NOT under or over insured.

  • Protect Stakeholders, such as Freeholders and Leaseholders.

  • Avoid paying unnecessary insurance premiums.

  • Recommended on 3-4 yearly cycle.

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Reinstatement Cost Assessment - What is it?

UK insurance underwriters require a professional evaluation of a building’s rebuilding cost following total destruction. This is known as a Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA).


Carrying out an RCA ensures a building is not under or over insured, this serves as a protection to all stakeholders of a building, such as the Freeholder and Leaseholders.


Appointing a skilled specialist is crucial to the process – AM Surveying provides a comprehensive, cost-effective and consistent service across London and the South East in this field. We offer services to both on a 'one-off' and high volume portfolio instructions.


To maintain accurate insurance cover we recommend RCAs are reviewed every three to four years.


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